At Odin Crossfit it is our mission to develop a HUMBLE, HEALTHY, HAPPY TRIBE of people who work together to reach their goals. We do this through our CrossFit based fitness and nutrition programs.

Our coach led CrossFit program efficiently and safely combines the most effective training methods of Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and High Intensity Conditioning.

No more fad and yo-yo diets. We work with Registered Dietitians for or Nutrition Managment program to provide you with a personalized nutrition plan. Learn how to fuel your body with what it needs and create healthy eating habits for the long term.

Time to make a change and have fun doing it! Join us for one of the best hours of your day!


The Team

The Team



The staff & coaches at Odin Crossfit’s mission is to inspire and connect with every member of our tribe to help guide them towards their goals for the long term. Whether working with an advanced athlete or someone who has just started their fitness & health journey, the staff & coaches are here to provide each person with what they need to make long lasting changes.
Our success comes from your progress.     


Allison & Jason Jachowski

Our passion is not only for fitness, but a combined love of the community created by a place where like minded people can congregate. Running a professional gym, with a well trained staff is the first priority, but creating an atmosphere where everyone is welcomed, included, focused on getting fit and enjoying the journey is a close second. We are extremely proud of where Odin is now and are really excited for our plans for the future. The future will certainly bring new challenges, but our mission is to bring a continuously improving experience while maximizing results in the gym. If you bring hard work and a good attitude, we will take care of the rest.

Allison Head Shot.jpg


Owner, CFL1, CFL2, CF-Gymnastics, CF-Weightlifting, OPEX L1 Coach, USAW, CF-Kettlebell

I have always be an avid athletics and fitness lover. I was first introduced to CrossFit when visiting freinds in CA who own a CrossFit gym. After my first workout I was hooked for life. My background as a competitive gymnast made the transition into CrossFit during my adult years very natural.
I started coaching in 2013 and new my future was with CrossFit. In 2016 I transitioned from being Head Coach at ODIN to owner along side my husband Jason. I had owned and operated a small business before which made the tranisition from Head Coach to Owner very smooth and natural for myself and our community.
Everyday I strives to share my passion and knowledge with others and inspire them to live an active and healthy life. 
Outside of the gym I spend my time with my husband Jason, son Simon,  and basset hound Trudy. 



Owner, CFL2




CFL1, CFL2, CF-Strongman, CF-Mobility, CF-Weightlifting
EMT-B, CPR+AED, ACE Personal Trainer, ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist

I have spent much of my life playing sports and enjoying the outdoors.  I tried many different training programs throughout high school and early college, and felt like something was always missing. Once in the Fire Service, a friend told me about CrossFit and I started combing through the pages of the website.  What I found was a training program unlike any other.  CrossFit has not only helped me immensely in my profession, but enables me to enjoy life more fully with family and friends. I truly have a passion for coaching and helping others, and the support the community provides is unrivaled.



CFL1, CF-WeightliFting



Office Manager / Community Coordinator

After falling in love with CrossFit in 2016, I joined Odin in the spring of 2018 after relocating from northern PA to Frederick. Little did I know that the decision to join Odin was about to take my life in a direction I never imagined! My favorite part of my job is making members’ time at Odin the best hour of their day. Crossfit is all about the people, and my priority is making sure you love it here as much as I do!!! 

In my free time, if I’m not hanging around Odin, you can find me at home with my husband Rich, son Vinny, and our two dogs: Moka and Java. Oh, and if you didn’t catch on already, I have a huge soft spot for a great cup of coffee ☕️.




I found Odin through my wife, Jessica, who started CrossFit at another box and really loved the push and results. When Odin opened it's doors, we joined together (and can say that we've been members since day 1)!. Having spent my youth playing soccer and running track, the Gold's Gym membership left a lot of voids in my fitness, and I was admittedly nervous my first few WODs that exploited those weaknesses. However, it didn't take long to settle in and find my rhythm. The community and friendships, though, are what brings me in on days I'm lacking motivation.
My desire to coach is based on a love of helping others and watching them improve. This environment is filled with athletes who want to get better and be fitter/healthier and it's very fulfilling to see them progress and reach their goals. 
When I'm not at Odin, I'm spending time with my wife, two kids, and two dogs; coaching youth soccer; or mountain biking.



CFL1, CFL2, CF-Gymnastics, CF-Weightlifting

I started CrossFit in 2010 after having my 4th baby. Our family just moved to Maryland and I was looking for a gym as well as a community. When I tried CrossFit, I was hooked week one! Although I have been in sports all my life I had never worked with a barbell before and I loved it. I also have a background in gymnastics, so all things gymnastics we do in CrossFit I really enjoyed learning and doing.

In 2014 I became a coach. Not only do I love CrossFit, I love sharing it with others. I found CrossFit to be empowering, not only in the gym, but in life. When you learn how strong you are, when you push yourself through hard things, and when you develop skills you never imagined you would be able to do, you begin to see that your possibilities are endless. I truly enjoy helping others to see and accomplish the many things they are capable of. 




A friend of mine who had been doing CrossFit for a few years finally convinced me to try it. Coming from a guy who has played team sports my entire life, the Crossfit environment fit really well with my personality.

Crossfit is a personal fitness roller coaster that you can enjoy with your friends! At the end of the day it is all about working hard each day to try to make yourself better but having your friends there alone side you working their tails off definitely allows for that little extra push.

Coaching for me is all about the little things. The huge smile after finally hitting that lift, the subtle nod after receiving a cue that helps them, the genuine "Thank You" after a great wod. Those are some of the most enjoyable things about coaching. Having athletes that truly want to learn and get better make coaching so much fun.