Happy Thanksgiving!  This Thanksgiving, we want to honor a very special member at ODIN CrossFit!  Our Margaret turned 70 today!  We love Margaret.  She embodies what our gym is all about.  She shows up regularly (when not traveling the world), she works hard, always listens to her body and leaves her ego at the door.  She  is quick to offer help to others.  And she always has a kind word for her fellow athletes.  It is an honor to train her, to workout next to her and to have her in our lives.  This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for Margaret and all of our athletes at ODIN.  Each of you touches us and makes our lives fuller with your presence.  Thank you!


To honor Margaret, the Thanksgiving workout is...


For Time:

70 Double Unders

70 Pull Ups

70 Sit Ups

70 Supermans

70 Box Jumps

70 Mountain Climbers (Single Count)

70 KBS (53/35)

70 Jumping Jacks

70 Walking Lunges


*Exercises cannot be partitioned, but order may be changed.  Everyone ends on burpees!