One of my favorite things in the universe is homemade almond butter!  I love to eat it on a cut up apple or banana.  Or, sometimes, I eat a spoonful straight from the jar.  Almond butter is super easy to make.  This is definitely a food I feel is worth making at home vs buying in a jar.  The difference in quality is unbelievable!

My "recipe" is not much of a recipe.  It is more of a guide.  No exact measuring needed.



Avocado Oil (or other quality oil) (optional)

Honey (optional)

Cinnamon (optional)

Food Processor/ High Speed Blender

1.  The first step is to roast the almonds at 375 degrees until they start to smell amazing and are slightly brownish.  This step is optional, but adds a nice toasty flavor to the final product.  It also makes the butter come together quicker.

2.  Place almonds in food processor or blender.  Don't fill the bowl too full or it will not blend well.

3.  Blend.  Blend.  Add oil. Blend.  This step takes a while.  It depends on how powerful your processor or blender is (and if you use oil), but this could take from 5 minutes to 20.  Your almonds will first turn to flour.  This is when I would drizzle a little bit of oil.  Then, they will clump to the side.  You will need to scrape the sides occasionally.  Next, there will be a big, clump of almonds.  Suddenly, that clump will break up and you will have almond butter.  You may want to continue to blend to get a smoother consistency.  

4.  Add additional ingredients if you choose.  You can add a little honey or cinnamon or any other thing that strikes your fancy!  Add a small amount and taste.  Add more if needed.  I only add extra stuff for special occasions because the regular butter is amazing as is!

5.  Control yourself.  No, it is not okay to eat a cup of almond butter.  

6.  Store in refrigerator.  Should keep for about a week (not that it will last that long).