Athlete Profile: Randy Knight

When Bobby and I decided we wanted to start highlighting different athletes at ODIN CrossFit each month, we knew almost immediately with whom we should begin!  Randy has been a part of the ODIN family since before there was an ODIN family!  I trained Randy in our backyard and in Baker Park.  From the beginning, Randy has been an amazing example of what our athletes should be: kind, considerate, cheerful and hard working.  He never asks for anything, but is always willing to give everything.   

Randy started CrossFitting about 4 years ago.  Bobby and I convinced him to try it out with us at our first gym, CrossFit Frederick.  It seems Bobby and another CrossFitting friend (Russ) cornered Randy at a party and convinced him to join the cult of CrossFit!  

His most memorable workout took place at 5am early in his CrossFit career.  The workout was three rounds of a long run and burpees or push ups at the box.  Randy says his only goal was to not let Bobby lap him.  In Bobby’s final round, Randy could hear his footsteps approaching.  He was about to be lapped!  But, with the heart that we have all seen in Randy, he picked up his speed and stayed ahead of Bobby!    

Randy loves running and burpees.  (That may be an exaggeration of what he said in the interview, but I love burpees, so I am projecting)  He has a very strong engine and is very fast.  Anyone working out with him knows he is the one to set the pace in a running or body weight workout.  His least favorite movement is the overhead squat.  Like many, he struggles with the mobility portion of the movement.  He doesn’t let that get him down and he continues to work to improve.

I asked Randy a few more questions and I will let him answer in his own words.

Tell us about Randy outside of ODIN!

"I have been married to the most amazing women in my eyes for 12 years.  I have a son, Marshall who is 11 and also does Crossfit. He is a cool little dude. "  

"I have been a technology sales man for going on 17 years.  I love what I do; it is fun and challenging and perfect fit for me.  "

"I like to weld and love to cook. "

One thing the ODIN crew might no know about you.

"This is tough, one thing might be that I was in the Catholic Seminary for a semester."

"The other is I was one of the fortunate folks that actually got to help during the September 11th crisis.  I was at the Pentagon the day of the bombing helping with first responder communications.  Then 3 weeks after the attack I lead a team of folks that built the 1-800-GET HELP hotline for the Red Cross. " 

What does ODIN mean to you?

"WOW this is fun to answer.  COMMUNITY!  I have never been involved in an organization or program that has been this supportive, positive and genuinely kind to one another.  That is all about you and the Odin leadership and the tone you set!!!"   

 Is there anything else you would like to add!

"I think it is wonderful that you have gone from taking guys like me, from working out in the park to this wonderful community.  I can see me continuing as part of the Odin Community maybe into my 70's like one favorite people, Margaret." 


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