Halloween WOD this Saturday Oct. 29th 9am so grab your costume!

The winners of the Check-In Challenge will be announced after the WOD Saturday morning. 

Time to start testing! This week we test our deadlift. Preparing to test a lift starts outside of the gym. Rest, hydration and fueling (food) is crucial for setting yourself up for success. Be sure to allow your body to rest and sleep leading up to testing a lift. Hydration is extremely important for your performance. Being dehydrated can cause your muscles to hit fatigue/failure before they normally would. And please make sure you have eaten before. You don't need a huge meal but it is amazing what a piece of fruit and some fluids will do for your performance. And lastly...HAVE FUN!


Deadlift- 7 x 1 Increasing

Goal- Hit close to previous 1RM by set 4 or 5. 

1 Mile Run


EMOM- 12min.

Odd: 8 Pull Ups
Even: 8 Thrusters  (75/55)

GOAL- Have at least 30sec. to rest each round. Thrusters should be unbroken and very light wt. 

10 Banded Lat Pull Downs
15 GHD
20 Flutter Kicks


Squat Clean- Work up to a heavy single. 

Goal- Speed under the bar.

AMRAP- 12min.

15 Cal Row
12 Burpees Over Bar
9 Hang Power Cleans  (135/95)

GOAL- Constantly moving. Wt should be moderate and try to go unbroken. 


Handstand Practice- 10min.

GOAL- Choose a handstand skill that you need to work on. This is meant to be time for you to play and get more comfortable with handstand movements.


400m Run
50 DU
20 Slamballs

Goal- Constantly moving


EMOM- 21min.

Min. 1: 10 Wallballs   (20/14)
Min. 2: 10 KBS   (53/35)
Min. 3: 10 Box Jump   (24/20)

GOAL- Each min complete movements with 20-30 secs. to spare. 


HALLOWEEN WOD!  "Pumpkin" Mashup

Partner- AMRAP 25min.

200m Medball Run
10 Squats w/ Medball
15 Slamballs w/ Medball
20 Abmat Situps w/Medball

*Complete a full round & then switch



2 RNDS Each Movement- 2min. Work/ 2min. Rest

Stones G2S

Yoke Carry

Shuttle Runs

GOAL- Work hard for 2min.