WOD for Warriors! Saturday Nov. 12th 9am. 

Charity WOD to benefit the veterans within our community. This event is open to non-members and is perfect for anyone wanting to try out CrossFit. 

Have you registered yet? Register by November 1st to receive your t-shirt. Check out all the details & register here!



OHS- 5x3 Across

Goal- Slow and controlled squats

AMRAP 4min. 
4 Squat Snatch  (115/80)
8 Burpee

Rest 4min.


GOAL- Unbroken Sq. Snatch. Constantly move for 4min. 


For Time

800m Run
25 Deadlift  (225/155)
25 Box Jump   (24/20)

600m Run
20 DL
20 BJ

400m Run
15 DL
15 BJ

200m Run
10 DL
10 BJ

GOAL- Unbroken movements


Strict Press- 5 x 1
GOAL- Shoot for close to previous 1RM by set 3.


8 Pull Ups
10 S2OH   (115/80)
12 Back Squat   (115/80)

GOAL- Shoot for unbroken sets on everything. Weight should be on the lighter side. 


AMRAP 30min

100 Air Squats
75 Sit Ups
50 KBS  53/35
25 T2B

GOAL- Break up each movement into manageable sets. Don't go to failure on any one movement. Just chip away.


EMOM- 18min.

Min. 1- Cal Row  (20/15)

Min. 2- 15 Wallball  (20/14)

Min. 3- 50 DU

GOAL- Min. 1- Work for almost 1min. Min. 2 & 3- 30 sec. of work each.


AMRAP 6min

10 C&J  (135/95)
8 Ring Dip
6 Strict Pull Ups

Rest 5min. 
Repeat AMRAP 6min.

GOAL- Shoot for unbroken movements. Constantly moving.


2 RNDS Each Movement- 2min. Work/ 2min. Rest

Stones G2S

Yoke Carry

Shuttle Runs

GOAL- Work hard for 2min. 


Tall Snatch

Drop Snatch

FOCUS- 3rd Pull, Speed Under the Bar, Build Strength and Confidence in the Catch.