Step 1- FREE Consultation

This 10-15min. 1-on-1 will help us get to know you and your fitness goals.  Everyone comes to ODIN  with different backgrounds and levels of fitness. This consult will help us to determine which ODIN fitness program is right for you. 

Step 2- Getting Started

Depending on your current fitness and past experiences we will suggest one of the following options for getting you started. 

Roots Program- Roots is our 30day intro CrossFit program we offer to anyone new to CrossFit. This program introducses you to the movements and workouts used in our CrossFit group classes.  Contact us today to set up your FREE consult to discuss our Roots Program and getting started. 


CrossFit Group Classes- Do you already have CrossFit experience? You are welcome to join a group class for FREE. Please contact us to let us know your CrossFit experience and to set up a consult today!

Contact us to get started TODAY!

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