Why Odin CrossFit?

Odin CrossFit is the premier CrossFit Affiliate in Frederick, MD.  We believe in quality over quantity.   Our class sizes are capped to ensure everyone gets the coaching they deserve.  You will never get lost in a huge, crowded class.  Every athlete at Odin matters to the coaches. 

The quality of our coaching is top notch.  Every coach at Odin is dedicated to the athletes.  Our continuing education program for coaching staff is one of the best in the business.  We have passionate coaches and we help ensure they continue to work to be the best.

Our programming (or workout plans) is the best around.  CrossFit is constantly varied, but that doesn't mean random!  We have a plan to help you improve your fitness.  We do not randomly program workouts and cross our fingers that you will continue to make progress.  Athletes of all levels will continue to grow by following our programming under the close guidance of our coaches.

Odin, from Norse mythology, is the father of gods. Odin is known as a Psychopomp or a “guide of souls”. Whether your goal is general physical fitness, or you have aspirations to compete in the CrossFit Games, just be better at your sport of choice or lose some weight, Odin CrossFit would like to guide your soul (and body) through a robust strength and conditioning program that is fun and exciting. Anything is possible at Odin CrossFit.