Make great friends at ODIN CrossFit!

Make great friends at ODIN CrossFit!

What is it about CrossFit? Why do people put themselves through these workouts that can seem . . . well, almost daunting at times? What is it that keeps people coming back for more? 

Most of us have come to CrossFit because we have a friend or a friend of a friend who talks about it constantly or has undergone an amazing physical transformation. Some of the things you may always hear about is the community, friendships, the camaraderie and of course the hard work. These things are what keep people pushing themselves day after day.

With so many new faces coming in the door on a monthly basis, I want us to all reminisce about the days when we were brand new. We all at one point were the “newbie” and unsure as to what an AMRAP, EMOM and HSPU stood for. ODIN has developed a ROOTS program in the hopes of relieving that newbie angst and to integrate them into this special community that ODIN has built.

The ROOTS program serves a number of purposes. Our aim is always to keep our members healthy and safe while maintaining optimum physical health based on individual need. This means that each member coming in the door is given tailored scales for workouts based on their level of fitness. The ROOTS program also allows our members to be familiar with all of the movements and know their scales before entering a WOD with the rest of the members. Lastly, our ROOTS program allows for a less intimidating environment for those who are nervous. They learn everything from how to properly unload their bar and put their weights back to how to snatch.

For all the newbies, below is my Top 10 unexpected things that happen when you join ODIN CrossFit

  1. Places on your body that you didn't know could get sore (like your armpits and thumbs), do. 
  2. Your hands will develop callouses . . . and you will likely be proud of those callouses.
  3. You all the sudden “need” nanos, lifting shoes, knee sleeves and a jump rope.
  4. You no longer go to the gym for leg day or arm day . . . its everything day all the time. 
  5. You gain a workout buddy who is someone to cheer you on, suffer with and hold you accountable. 
  6. You find yourself craving a good butt kicking so you can feel that endorphin rush.
  7. You run less than you used to, but all the sudden your mile time is faster and your endurance is better.
  8. You may start to develop a twitch anytime you hear the song “Roxanne” or “Thunderstruck” come on.
  9. Your clothes may no longer fit due to a thinning waist line and thickening quads. 
  10. You may lose your voice yelling or cheering on a friend.

Thinking about joining ODIN and interested in learning more about our ROOTS program? Contact