Let’s Spice It Up!


    Thank you to everyone for your support on my new position as Head Coach. I am so excited to be taking on these new responsibilities and leading you, the coaches and members on your journey to reaching your goals. Having your support means the world to me and I will work each day to help make Odin even more AWESOME!

    As Head Coach one of my main responsibilities is to create the programming for the gym. This is no small task. Programming is a balancing act between movements, time domains, rep schemes and intensity. It is the basis for everything we do. The heart of Crossfit is constantly varied functional movements over a broad domain. In English this means we need to be working on ALL movements in a variety of rep schemes, weights, and time frames. My goal is to create programming that will be varied across all those domains and push everyone to be their absolute best while being safe and having fun! 

    For the month of November we are going to spice things up with the programming and do one month of the Crossfit Main Site programming. For those unfamiliar with the Main Site, Crossfit HQ puts out daily programming on their Main Site that is considered to follow the traditional methodology of Crossfit; 3 days on 1 day rest of varied functional movements over broad domains.  The programming is created to push even the elite athletes. Because of this you will see slightly heavier weights and complex movements such as bar muscle ups on a more regular basis. WHAT?! Heavier weights AND harder movements?! Everyone take a deep breath. You will do great! This is exactly why we have coaches. We will be here for you every step of the way, making sure you have the appropriate weights and scaling options for that WOD. I want to you look at this next month as a challenge for yourself. Even if a WOD has a movement you can’t do RX still come in! No cherry picking ☺

    Why are we doing the Main Site for one month? The Main Site programming is a great test for all of us as athletes to push ourselves just a little more than we usually would. It will also be a great tool for me to see where we as a gym need to improve. This will help me to create programming starting December that will not only push us to get stronger but also fill some of those gaps we might have. 

    The Main Site programming is 3 days on and 1 day of rest. On that rest days Odin will still have a great WOD to offer. But because of this schedule just for the month of November, Saturdays might not necessarily be a partner wod and Sundays might not be strong man oriented. After the one month of the Main Site I plan to bring the Partner/Team Saturdays back as well as Strong Man Sundays ☺

    A few other little changes you might notice for the programming… 

  • Warm ups will be short and sweet. We want to get you warm and right into the good stuff. If you are someone who needs a little extra time to get warm and stretch you might need to come a few minutes early to work some of those kinks.
  • Cool Downs will now incorporate more core work in addition to our normal mobility. The stronger we get your core the better you move!

As Head Coach, I promise to…

  • Create a program that will push ALL levels of athletes to become the best they can be while being safe and having fun. 
  • Be available to coaches and members in supporting them to reach their goals. 
  • Lead by example and push myself to be the absolute best athlete and individual I can be. 
  • Do everything I can to help Odin grow and be a positive influence on everyone’s lives. 

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t”  - Unknown

So let’s kick some ass and get stronger!


Allison- Head Coach