As a mom, I’ve learned that kids are like sponges. You’re going about your business and before you know it, they’ve picked up on all your habits. I have three kids, (6, 3 and 1) who are pretty much growing up at ODIN, between all the time we spend there working out, coaching, and participating in Crossfit kids. I started to think: what habits might they be picking up there? It’s safe to say that one way or another ODIN is making a huge impact on their life. And it got me thinking  about some of the things they are seeing and hearing on a daily basis.

They’ve picked up on the fact that when lifting heavy weights, it’s okay to make loud noises. They’ve learned that when you successfully make a heavy lift, you can drop the bar from over your head out of excitement. They’ve picked up on that ropes are for climbing, pull-up bars are for hanging, and rings are for swinging. My kids now know that at the slightest drop of sweat, men are supposed to take off their shirts. What I’m proud of though—are the deeper lessons they are learning here at ODIN.

Our kids witness the power of community and support. Whether you know it or not, you’re all a part of our village. You’ve stayed after a workout to help hold a crying baby so that mom or dad could get a quick workout in. You’ve played peek-a-boo in the middle of your workout with a toddler awkwardly staring at you through the pack-and-play begging for your attention. You helped push the jogging stroller during the 800m because you’re the better runner. You’ve been the answer to the kid in the bathroom who needs a little help—sorry Josh. Our kids have learned that in life, you need to support others, and that helping others is just what you do.

They’ve seen you be so exhausted after completing a workout but still join in on burpees to help that last member finish up. They know that it’s ok to be last because you get the most cheers anyway. They see people succeed and they see people fail. They see you laughing and chatting with each other afterwards no matter how tough the workout just was.

Because of this community, we’re building healthy foundations for our kids. They view the gym as a fun place to go, even tantrum-worthy if they are denied a trip. Our kids see working out as a privilege not a chore. Most of all, they see healthy and happy parents surrounded by strength, support and positivity.

Thank you for being a part of our village, and helping all us parents instill these important values in our kids. We have a big group of future adults that are watching you, keep up the hard work.

by Coach Lisa Aleo

Director of CF Kids, Coach