The Hollow Position…What’s The Point?

    We as Crossfitters are always eager to nail a movement, check it off our list and then move to the next challenge. We sometime forget or want to forget about the most basic movements as we hit new fitness milestones. One of the biggest ones is the Hollow Body position. Some of you may have had the pleasure of doing hollow holds, hollow rocks or even hollow hangs on the rig. This position is one of the most basic but important to almost all the movements we do in Crossfit. Without it we are not setting ourselves up for the most stable and strong position for our lifts or gymnasts movements.

    Why is it so important? The Hollow Position can be found in every lift of the barbell and every pull up, push up, handstand and other movements we do. The Hollow Position essentially puts our entire body is the strongest and most stable position it can be in to receive, move or stabilize weight of any kind. It also allows our body to work as one super strong unit rather than small individual units. This is demonstrated in the video where Coach Allison walks us through some popular Crossfit movement as it relates to the Hollow Position. 

    Why do I have to point my toes? I’m not a gymnast. Pointing your toes is not just for looks ladies and gents. When in the Hollow Position you want your entire body to be tight all the way from the tips of your fingers to your toes. Pointing your toes allows you to keep everything tight just that much more. Try this little test. Sit on the floor with legs straight out and squeeze your quad (front thigh muscle) as hard as you can while allowing your foot to be limp. Now squeeze your quad as hard as you can while pointing your toes as hard as you can. What happened? By pointing your toes all the muscles in your entire leg were tightened not just your quad. This is the key to the full body Hollow Position. Your body is stronger and moves better when you are tight and not limp like a noodle ☺

    So next time you are in the gym, just remember it all starts will the Hollow Position. Keep those abs tight, ribs locked down, butt squeezed, shoulders pinned back, legs tight and toes pointed of course. Mastering the Hollow Position with help you to keep a safe body position and see big gains in your lifts and gymnasts skills.

by Coach Allison