Most of you know Jen by now.  Jen is in class most days of the week.  She works out hard and she works out often.  From day 1, the coaches were impressed with her positive attitude and willingness to work hard.  She is a joy to have in class and an absolutely wonderful person to hang out with!  I asked her a few questions so you can all get to know her better!

When did you start CrossFit? 

July 13, 2014


Do you remember your first workout? 

YES!! It was a 5:30am class and the WOD was Satan's Whiskers (I was definitely thinking "omg what have I gotten myself into!"). Problem was, I couldn't squat! Bobby was the coach that morning and he made me do air squats during the first part of the class. Looking back, I am very thankful that the coaches insisted on proper form before adding any sort of weight. Workout smart, and safe!


What is your favorite part about ODIN? 

Gosh, where do I start!? While I love the intense workouts and the constant challenge each WOD brings, it is the members and coaches that keep me coming back. Before joining ODIN, I belonged to a regular gym. I felt nervous, intimidated, bored, and kinda lonely because it was just me, everyone stuck to themselves or their partners, and it felt very judgmental there. At ODIN, everyone is invested in the overall success of each and every one of the members. The steady stream of positive reinforcement, encouraging words, constructive criticism, and valuable advice is what makes it a great community to be a part of. Outside looking in, any Crossfit gym can seem intimidating, but once you take that first step and walk through the doors, ODIN embraces you like a warm (badass) hug. 


Have you noticed any changes in your life outside of the gym since joining?

 I absolutely see and feel a change in myself. It's no wonder that people who do Crossfit can never shut up about it, because it really is an awesome addition to your life. When I first started, I was nervous about gaining muscle bulk, but now I'm like "Hell yeah! Do you see these quads??" My overall energy level has gone up exponentially, and in general I just feel happier, healthier, and more confident. One of my favorite changes I see now is in my kids. Exposing them to a community that is active, fit, friendly, encouraging, and motivational instills long lasting qualities that I hope they utilize in their lives as well. 


Tell us more about you. 

I am a single mom of two kids, Holden, 5 and Olivia, 4. We live in Boonsboro in a tiny, but super cute house I bought 2 years ago. I work for a construction company managing sewer/storm drain rehab projects (super sexy profession lol) and love my job. I recently graduated with my MBA. Most of my free time is spent doing things with my kids...going to the park, local farms, hiking, day trips to Baltimore or DC, and finding fun new experiences to share with them. My favorite color is pink, favorite food would have to be steak, and my favorite animal is a hippo. I was born in Colorado Springs, CO, raised in Manhattan, KS, and moved to Baltimore, MD in 8th grade. My mom is from Germany, and I visit there as often as I can (which hasn't been much since I've had kids).