The Crossfit Games Open Event is only 8 weeks away!! The Open is a worldwide Crossfit qualifying event for the Crossfit Games. Starting February 25th 2016, the Crossfit Games will announce one WOD every Thursday for 5 weeks. Crossfitters from all over the world have until the following Monday to complete the WOD and enter their score on the worldwide leader board. The Open is such an exciting time and great way to test yourself and your skills.



The Open consists of multiple divisions: RX, Scaled, Masters & Teens. This way EVERYONE can participate in this awesome experience. Most of the WODs are geared towards work capacity. This means you are trying to complete as much work in a set amount of time as you possibly can and the weights are usually on the lighter side.


To prepare us for the Open, throughout the next 8 weeks we will be incorporating some of the previous Open WODs into our programming. This way we can be prepared for the type of WODs we might see again. And for those of you who have participated in the Open before this will allow you to test how you have improved. If you have not participated before, these WODs are still great to do as a benchmark because we will definitely be repeating them in the future ☺


Let’s take these next 8 weeks to gear up for the ultimate test of your fitness…The Crossfit Open!


Allison – Head Coach