Join us this Saturday Nov. 12th @ 8am for our 1hr. skills class on "Improving Your Kip". 

In the world of CrossFit we use the "Kip" in a variety of movements whether it be the kipping pull up, toes to bar, handstand push ups and many more. The Kip is a movement meant to generate power to be able to perform a higher number of reps within a specific time frame. When performed with good mechanics the Kip is an extremely important and useful tool within our workouts. When performed improperly the Kip loses it's power and their for is less efficient. Our goal with most movements is to make them as efficient and powerful as possible. For a lot of common CrossFit movements that means having a proper Kip. 

Class this Saturday will focus on taking your current Kip and improving upon it to generate more power and efficiency within your workouts. This class is perfect for ALL skill levels. We are starting from the ground up; Hollow & Superman positions to proper hanging positions on the bar, initiating the kip, control, power building and more!

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