Well, we made it through another awesome year! You all have made some amazing gainz in your fitness and the gym has gone through a big transformation. After our recent strength cycle we tested our lifts and saw some amazing PRs and big gainz! So....Now what?

Now it's time to enjoy our strength and get back to good old CrossFit! You will see these next few weeks will have a good mix of strength and conditioning workouts along with skill work. As we creep closer to the OPEN season (late February) you'll see we will be repeating some previous OPEN workouts. We will also be working on building up our "engine" by doing a variety of workouts that get you breathing heavy. 

As we move into this next stage of our programming it will be extremely important that you listen to your body. Rest and recovery is just as important as the workouts themselves. If you are new to CrossFit or just coming back after a break please be mindful of volume. This means volume within one workout as well as total volume throughout the week. Our coaches are here to help you scale back where needed to provide you with a challenging workout but appropriate for what your body can handle. 

With every New Year comes new goals. Let's start thinking about our 2017 fitness, nutrition and overall well being goals. We have an awesome 8 week nutrition session starting mid January that is perfect to help you jump start some of your goals. Click for details & to register.

Cheers to all your hard work in 2016 & bring on the new and exciting challenges of 2017!