Ladies and Gentlemen!  It is time for our next Athlete of the Month!  This month was a pretty easy choice.  As soon as Emily's name was floated by one of the coaches, we all agreed 100%!  Emily has been consistently doing CrossFit for years!  She still comes in on a regular basis.  She works hard and is always striving to be better.  She also has the positive mentality that we look for in our athletes.  She is always positive and always cheers for others.  She is genuinely happy when she other people's success.  Emily represents ODIN beautifully!  Here is some more information about Emily in her own words:

When did you start CrossFit?

I started CF in December of 2011 and I am celebrating my one year anniversary with ODIN this April. Up until then I had never had a gym membership. My fitness regimen consisted mostly of workout videos and running and I had never used a barbell before.

Do you remember your first workout?

My husband, Jason really encouraged me to try Crossfit after he had fallen in love with it. I decided to give it a try because with all the external things that pull couples apart, I thought this just might be the thing to keep us connected by enjoying time together and getting fit.

My first intro session to Crossfit was eye opening, I quickly realized I had been squatting incorrectly my whole life and wall squats made me feel totally inadequate (they still do at times).  Back then just writing on the “white board” made me feel intimidated, but it didn’t take long for everything to fall into place. 

One of my first workouts at ODIN was 15.4. I remember it was awesome because even though I was a new member, immediately people started cheering for me. It was a great first experience at a new gym.

The reason I have stuck with Crossfit for so long? Because I still get this nervous feeling right before a workout that makes my heart start to race before the clock even starts. I don’t ever remember feeling like that before a workout video or a treadmill session. I love that sometimes I get so nervous I have to pee two times before the workout starts (yes, that’s usually me that’s holding up class, sorry!).

Have you noticed any changes in your life outside of the gym since starting CF?  More confidence?  More willingness to take a chance?  Etc.

The biggest change I have noticed outside of Crossfit is strength. Growing up, strength wasn’t something little girls or teenage girls thought about and I hope I can change that for my daughter.  Being a part of the Crossfit community has made me feel stronger both physically and mentally.  Something about lifting more than your body weight in a deadlift makes me feel pretty bad ass and gives me the confidence I need at work to voice my opinions and get things done even when it feels impossible.

I also noticed it helps a lot with stress. Crossfit is the one place that I can turn everything off and just be Emily. I have one hour to focus on me and my body and I always feel refreshed and ready to take on anything after I have completed a workout.

And mentally, I feel like Crossfit has allowed me to change my mindset. I constantly find myself trying to carry an extra bag of groceries or asking my kids to do something for time. Treating daily tasks as a Crossfit workout definitely makes life more interesting. You can handle 10 minutes of anything, right?

Tell us more about you.  Family.  Job.  Hobbies. Favorite food.  Etc.

I’ve been married to my husband, Jason for 10 years and have two very active children, Owen (8) and Lyla (5).  They love the Crossfit community just as much as Jason and I do! We have a new fur baby, an Aussidoodle named Trooper.   I grew up in DE and I am one of five children.  I am lucky enough to have my baby sister, Becca R, here at ODIN to help push me during workouts!

I work at the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association, just on the other side of the Frederick Airport. I work in the aircraft financing department and help pilots buy airplanes! Just a year ago I took lessons and obtained my private pilot’s license. Unfortunately I don’t fly as much as I had hoped mostly because my workload at the office picked up and the intimidation factor of flying your most precious cargo around without that instructor sitting next to you was more intense than I had expected!    

In addition to Crossfit, I really like to run and have recently become more active in running 5k and half marathon races.

I have a love for all food, but my weakness is definitely ice-cream. To keep my diet in check I have always gone by “everything in moderation” which has helped me to maintain my weight without too many ups and downs.

What does ODIN mean to you?


I depend on the support from ODIN coaches and athletes to get through many workouts. I tend to be an “over thinker” and my mind doesn’t shut off. When coaches or athletes are talking me through, or yelling at me during a workout, I love it. It helps me “turn off” my internal thoughts and really focus on what my body can do rather that what my mind is telling me I can’t do.


Being a member of ODIN motivates me to be better.  I am motivated by all of the wonderful coaches and athletes around me to do better, try harder, lift more, and go faster.  And lots not forget, motivated to improve my technique!


ODIN has made me see clearly that “you get out of it what you put into it”.  I had the pleasure of taking the gymnastics course with Coach Allison and it was an eye opening experience for me. I didn’t become a master of everything, but I did see some major improvements. And what I saw was that by putting the extra time in, by doing the homework, I saw that I was capable of doing way more than I thought. The truth is I don’t always have time to put in extra work, due to work, family, etc, but it was awesome to see how capable I really am if I remain focused. I now try not to whine about my weaknesses and am trying to hold myself more accountable to pick one or two of them and focus on putting the time in to become better.