We did it! 2016 Crossfit Open is in the books. We all pushed ourselves to places we didn’t know we could go which is what it is all about. So….Now What??

                The Crossfit Open is very cardio intensive which is why leading up to the Open and during the Open most of our programming is geared towards just that. This way you are prepared for the type of workouts you might see during the Open. Now that the Open is over we are going to change it up a little. Most Crossfit gyms around the country use the Spring and Summer to “GET STRONG!”. Now does this mean we stop doing WODs and stop any cardio?? NOPE! This just means we are going to be incorporating more strength on a regular basis.

                How much strength and what kind you ask? Well, in 1 week we as a gym will be starting a squat cycle to improve our back and front squats. As many of you know, the squat is the most fundamental movement in CrossFit. We squat (or a portion of) when we do almost everything. Think about how much easier wall balls will feel if you increase your overall squat strength.  Want to improve your running? Well, stronger legs will help with that. Struggling with your squat clean? The more comfortable you are with front squats the better your squat clean will be. For all these reasons we are going to really focus on improving our squat strength over the next few months.

                How often are we going to be squatting? We will be doing a mix of back squats and front squats 1-2 times per week for the next few months. Our squat days will be during the week and will vary days so that you have ample rest between each squat day. On these days we will be squatting a certain % of your 1RM. This is why we tested our 1RM front squat last week and 1RM back squat this week. It is important that you make note of these 1RM numbers so you can work off of that. After a few months we will then re-test to see your mad gainz!!

                Is this the only lifting we will be doing? Heck no! We as Crossfitters need to continue to work on our other lifts both for strength and technique. You can expect to see lifting of some sort (squatting, overhead lifts, oly lifts, power lifts…) multiple times per week. We will lift for a certain portion of the class and follow it by a WOD most days. We will not be lifting for strength EVERYDAY but you can expect to lift 3-4 times a week (not including during a wod). Because we are going to continue to work on our other lifts as well, we will also be testing a few other lifts so that we can re-test in a few months. It is very important that you take the time to track your strength work throughout this process. SugerWod is a great app that most people at Odin use to track their lifts and WODs. Tracking your progress is crucial to be able to truly see improvement and feel good about all your hard work. It also REALLY helps us as coaches for you to know where your lift numbers are. This way when the strength work requires to work off of your 1RM % we can make sure your weights are appropriate for you. Guessing is ok every once in a while in a pinch. But knowing your lift numbers is vital to properly prescribing your weights for lifts and workouts.

                So let’s have some fun and GET STRONG over the next few months!

Coach Allison