Join us on June 7th for the first class in our beginner's course! This Roots class will teach you all you need to know to feel comfortable in a regular CrossFit class.  We will teach you how to move safely and efficiently.  We will teach you about CrossFit in general and what to expect in class.  And this beginner's class is a great way to ease into physical activity.  The Roots class is included in your first month's membership rate-no hidden costs!  There is also no commitment beyond the first month!  

June Roots Dates/Times (you must attend 5 out of 6 classes):

 June 7th, 6pm

June 9th, 6pm

June 12th, 9:30am

June 14th, 6pm

June 16th, 6pm

June 19th, 9:30am

Do these dates not work with your calendar?  Are you ready to jump into regular classes sooner? We have a personal training option!  In 2-3 hours, working with a highly qualified coach, you can be ready for class!  ($75-105/hour).

Email to reserve your spot or get more information.  What do you have to lose?