So we made it through what was for a lot of you your first squat cycle experience. We saw a ton of PR’s in a short amount of time. So….Now what? Well, the world of fitness and strength training is made of continuous cycles. Once one is completed you test, rest, and repeat. Continuing this process over time is how we build long lasting strength. Remember, getting stronger doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes years and years to build up your strength. Getting stronger is like trying to lose weight. If you crash diet and try to shed the weight rapidly then most likely this weight will return just as quickly as it was lost. In weight training, one super hard short squat cycle will build some strength but will it be long lasting? To ensure we are getting stronger over time while staying healthy and injury free we must constantly be going in and out of cycles to build up a little strength, maintain it and then start again.

So with that said, we will be starting another cycle at the beginning of August! Our last cycle only focused on squats. This next cycle will incorporate other lifts to help us build lower body and upper body strength. We will be focusing on Back Squat, Deadlift, Strict Press, and Bench Press. This way we can be working on both lower body and upper body. Gaining strength through these 4 crucial lifts will help us all improve upon the other areas of our fitness.

For this cycle we will be using the Wendler format of 5-3-1. This is a very famous and proven method for strength training. It is also a very simple straight forward sequence. Just like before you will be working at a certain % of your 1RM for the movements listed. So please look at the % required for the lifts before you arrive for the work out. This way you can already have the numbers in your head of what you will be lifting that day. This will REALLY help the coaches and help the class run smoothly.

What days will we be lifting? Expect to see Strict Press & Back Squats on Mondays; Deadlift & Bench Press on Wednesdays. On these days you will be completing the same rep scheme and % for both lifts. For example…


Strict Press & Back Squat

65% x 3 (reps)

70% x 3

80% x 3+

This means you will complete 1 set of 3 reps @ 65%, 1 set of 3 reps @ 70% and 1 set of 3 Reps @ 80%. The + sign signifies to do at least 3 reps but if you can do more then go for it. You will complete all the sets for the Strict Press. Then move on to all the sets for the Back Squat. After the strength portion there will be either a short metcon or accessory work for the remaining time in the class. On these days please come in ready with the weight numbers you need for your sets. If you are unsure of your weights please talk to the coach at the beginning of class. This will help to keep the class moving and be sure we fit all of our fitness in the 1hr. block for that class.

This cycle is based on very specific % so please be sure to lift according to the % listed that day. I know some days we walk into the gym feeling like a beast and ready to pick up heavy shit. But lifting extremely heavy is not always the answer or best way to build long term, injury free strength.

What does this mean for the other days of the week? Expect the other days of the week to be what you are used to. They will incorporate Olympic lifting of some kind (snatch, jerk, clean…) and expect metcons in a variety of time domains, skill work, and accessory work. All things we are used to seeing.

If you have any questions about this cycle, your lifting %, or anything at all please let me or one of the coaches know. That is what we are here for :)

So let’s have some fun lifting, getting stronger, and fitter everyday!

Coach Allison