Ken Traugott- Far left :)

Ken Traugott- Far left :)

We are so excited about our February Rowing Clinic with Ken Traugott! This 1hr. class will go over proper rowing form, techniques, and drills to help you become a more efficient rower in the gym. 

Friday February 10th @ 6:30pm

Special guest- Ken Traugott

Meet Ken! 
Ken began rowing in 1997 when he joined the University of Notre Dame rowing team in his freshman year of college. He competed across the country during his 4 years at school, including in many of the nation's premier rowing cities such as Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Austin, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. He also competed internationally against teams from Great Britain, Switzerland, and Germany while training in France. Outside of school, Ken competed for the New York Athletic Club, earning a bronze medal at the 1999 National Championships. In addition to his coaches from the United State, Ken has had the opportunity to train with coaches from Canada, Ireland, and Germany, as well.

We are so excited to have Ken join us and help guide us to becoming more efficient rowers!

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