2016 was a big year for ODIN! Lot's of changes, renovations, PR's, new members and more. 2017 is going to be just as big if not bigger! We are so excited to get it started. Here are just a few new things to come in 2017 at ODIN!

  • Committed Club! Introducing ODIN's 2017 Committed Club! 2017 is all about being committed. Commit to yourself to live a healthy & fit life style by attending 100 classes @ ODIN within 2017.  When you have hit your 100 classes you will receive our limited addition "Earned Not Bought" Committed Club t-shirt. Time to commit to yourself and get to the gym. Be sure you check-in for class to earn your attendance. Stay tuned for more details.

  • The OPEN! We are spicing it up this year and turning the OPEN into a gym wide challenge! There will be teams, points & prizes! This is open for all skill levels and is a great way for us to work as teams to challenge ourselves and have some fun. More details to come as the OPEN creeps closer. 

  • More Mobility! Starting mid January ODIN will be offering ROM WOD & Mobility WOD class times throughout the week. These will be 30min. time blocks that focus solely on mobility. Some days will be ROM WOD which is a passive stretching program. Other days will be Mobility WOD which is a more active mobility program. Both of these programs are video based and will be run through the TV @ the gym. This way you will be in a group setting and have access to the gym equipment needed like bands. These classes will be on the schedule and open for registration within the next few days. Stay tuned for more details. 

  • CrossOver Symmetry! As many of you have seen, we have started incorporating an amazing shoulder & scap program called CrossOver Symmetry. This program includes activation (warm up), Iron Scap (strength), and Recovery (cool down). This is a proven program for upper body strength as well as a preventative program to keep your shoulders healthy. As CrossFitters we are extremely hard on our shoulders and it is important that we incorporate the accessory work to help keep them healthy. 

  • Barbell Club! The past few months we have been focusing on just the basics. Now it is time to put into practice starting this Sunday which will begin our 10 week Barbell program. This program is a progressive program and meant to build strength and improve technique for your Olympic lifts. If you have been thinking about joining our Barbell Club now is the perfect time to do it! 

These are just a few things to come in 2017. More new and exciting things to come throughout the year. Cheers to 2017!