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We all work so hard in the gym but how much time do we spend on our nutrition? What we eat and how much plans a HUGE roll in our performance & recovery in the gym. Want to get stronger, move faster? Combining good nutrition with your workout regimen will help you to take yourself further, build muscle, be less prone to injury & much more.

This 8 week challenge comes with an individualized nutrition plan, 4 nutrition classes held @ ODIN CrossFit, 2 body fat tests, measurements & more! 

This challenge is being head by Amy Goldsmith with Kindred Nutrition. Not only is Amy a member and badass crossfitter here at ODIN, she is also a registered dietitian who specializes in sport nutrition along with a variety of other nutritional needs. 

8 Week Challenge Includes...
* 2 Body Fat Tests ($100 Value)
* Intro to Macro Nutrition
* 8 Week Individualized Nutrition Plan
* Body Composition & Measurement Progress
* 4 Nutrition Class Led By Registered Dietitian, Amy Goldsmith

1st Body Fat Testing Date: Saturday Jan. 14th
2nd Body Fat Testing Date: Saturday March 11th

If you can't make the testing dates then you will be required to make an apt. at Amy's office before Saturday Jan. 14th.  

Class Dates
Wednesdays- Jan. 18th, February 1st, February 15th, March 1st 6:30pm-7:15pm
Each class will cover a different nutrition topic. 

Cost- $100       Open to Members & Non-Members

Space is limited so register Today!