Have a Plan for Rest and Keep Going.

Open Season 2017 is here!  Collectively, we have gone through strength cycles, pounded through Hero WOD’s, and grinded through met-cons and skill sessions.  The physical part is something we face everyday, but how often do we talk about the mental game?  In the classes I coach, I constantly harp on “having a plan for rest.”  When we are moving rep after rep and hit that point where we need to take a blow, we can change the entire outcome of our workout.  I’m guilty.  I step back from the bar and check the clock, I wonder if I ate enough food beforehand, I look to see who else is moving, I see Allison cheering me on because she finished five minutes ago, I walk over and talk smack to Perry, my wife tells me to stop talking to her, I ask Calvin to teach me to sign “save me” in ASL.  Each time I do this, 30 seconds could have gone by each time.  So here we are - have a plan for rest.  Each time you drop from the rig, get up from the burpee, or drop the barbell, tell yourself exactly how much time you are going to rest.  Tell yourself, "I’m going to take 3 deep breaths, and then I’m picking up this barbell.”  Next time, check the clock and say “I’m going back into my kettle bell swings in exactly five seconds.”  Sticking to this method, you are absolutely going to push yourself, but you’ll shave off precious seconds; seconds that could potentially add up to minutes by the end of the workout. 

The Open is about a lot of things, but you cannot lose sight that it is about testing yourself.  No matter how difficult, think positively.  CrossFit OG, Greg Admundson, met a guy who wrote “Don’t” and “Stop” on his shoes.  The guy said when he would look down at his shoes during a WOD, it would motivate him during his workouts.  However, as Admundson says, when you break these words down on their own, they ring with a negative connotation….”don’t” and “stop."  Think instead of saying “keep going,” ... “I will do this,” … “I am prepared.”  YOU are in charge of the rig, YOU are in charge of your body, YOU control the barbell - they do NOT control you.  You have taught yourself to “get comfortable being uncomfortable.”  I guarantee that every person at Odin is more prepared for whatever life throws at them simply because they dedicate themselves to completing the work each time they walk in the gym.  Does it matter that you scaled?  Absolutely not.  What matters is you pushed yourself harder than the day before, and tomorrow, you will do it all over again.  Having a strong mental game and using positive mantras will help you push through the suck and make the WOD that much more tolerable. 

Odin family, by stepping foot into the doors of the box, you have already accomplished so much more than the average person.  You have worked hard for your wellness, you dedicate yourselves to becoming a better version of yourself, and you are incredible role models for those young eyes peering from the back corner of the kids room - celebrate that fact.  Trust yourself, push yourself, pick each other up, and most importantly, have fun!  When things start getting tough during these Open WOD’s, "have a plan for rest" and "keep going.”  The coaches here could not be more proud of this community and we are all stoked to see everyone succeed during the Open.

Coach Josh