Meet Malissa, our Athlete of the Month for May! Malissa came to ODIN a year and a half ago with no strength & conditioning experience and had never tried CrossFit. She began her journey in our Roots- Intro to CrossFit program where she was slowly introduced to the movements and workout styles. Today Malissa is a stronger, healthier and more confident version of herself. She is dedicated and consistent in the gym and focuses on her nutrition at home. She truly embodies what ODIN is all about; living an active and healthy life style and enjoying your fitness. We are all so proud of you Malissa and look forward to helping you accomplish all your 2017 goals!

1.      When did you start at ODIN? And what was your first impression?
I joined Odin in September 2015. My first impression was all of the members and coaches were welcoming and friendly. Everyone was laughing and looked happy. The coaches were extremely helpful in scaling the workout for me and making sure I had correct form. I felt really comfortable.

2.      What changes have you seen in yourself since starting at ODIN?
I have changed physically and mentally since I joined Odin. I have a lot more determination and confidence in myself, when I want to give up I push myself more (sometimes with the help of coaches and Odin members), I have gotten stronger and I’m healthier. I really push myself to stay positive (like when I’m struggling to get a double-under and I want to throw in the towel) I stayed positive and now I can do a few!  Positive self-talk helps me get through the difficult WODs/movements (running):)

3.      Why ODIN?
My favorite thing at Odin is weight lifting. Odin offers a Barbell class on Sunday that focuses on Olympic weightlifting movements. In this class the coaches really break down the movement to make sure our form is correct.  This class has made me a better weight lifter. Love this class.

4.      What keeps you committed and coming back?
The feeling I got when getting a new PR (personal rep) doing squat cleans in the CrossFit Open 17.3. I missed a few lifts and my Odin friend/coaches kept cheering me on and I ended up getting 2 reps.
The positive change I see in myself keeps me committed.
My Odin family keeps me coming back.

5.      What advice would you give to anyone looking to start CrossFit?
Just try it. I was nervous and really unsure about CrossFit but it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. I started in The Roots class (beginner’s class) which introduced the movements I would be doing in the workouts. YOU CAN DO IT!

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