Meet Kat! She is one of the most hard working and dedicated people we know. When she puts her mind to something she is all in. It has been so much fun watching Kat become stronger and faster since she joined OIDN. Keep on rockin it Kat!

1. When did you start at ODIN? And what was your first impression?
I took the Roots class in March 2016 and then started coming to classes in April. My first impression of ODIN… fun, professional, accessible, supportive and family environment. Still holds true!

2. What changes have you seen in yourself since starting at ODIN?
Because of my background in endurance sports and the fire service, I had always considered myself an athlete. However, I don’t think I was ever truly as fit as I have become since starting at ODIN. I am more educated and aware of things like mobility, nutrition, recovery and balancing my workouts… just to name a few. I have become stronger and faster ( I just PR’ed an 8 mile run in a time of 55:02!). I now have a better sense of my own body image too… and what it means to be healthy and beautiful. I am more flexible than I have ever been! I feel like I am a more well-rounded athlete now.

3. What is your favorite thing about ODIN?
The PEOPLE! Coaches and Members alike… and the kiddos too! Being surrounded and supported by such an amazing group of people is so empowering and motivating. I love bringing my son too b/c I feel likes it's so good for him to see people and families working out together, challenging themselves and cheering for each other.

4. What keeps you committed and coming back?
First and foremost, the people. But, the gains and growth are so visible/tangible… it keeps me challenged, as I strive to ‘master’ each new skill and hone my techniques. There is always something new to learn. There is always room for improvement.

5. What advice would you give to anyone looking to start CrossFit?
Go to ODIN! Take the Roots class. Any mystery, misconceptions or intimidation you may have about Crossfit will quickly vanish… under the knowledgeable guidance of the coaches. Once you start, you will be hooked.

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