Time to grab your partner and register for the 2018 ODIN Partner OPEN!

5 Workouts Over 5 Weeks
Earn Points & Win Prizes!

How It Works
1. Grab a partner and sign up at the front desk.
You can be a team of M/M, F/F, or M/F. All skill levels can participate. AND! You and your partner don't need to be at the same skill level. 

2. The Workout is...
Every Thursday start Febuary 22nd CrossFit Games will announce the World Wide OPEN workout online. This is the workout that you and your partner will complete, individually. You can do it RX, Scaled, or even scaling the scaled. 

3. Complete the Workout
Complete the OPEN workout with a judge (judges will be provided) at Friday Night Lights 4pm-7:30pm each week during the OPEN. During this time we will be running heats all evening instead of 1hr. classes. Heats will be posted in TRIIB for you to pre-register for. If you can not make it Friday evening to complete the workout then we will have a judge available Saturday mornings 8am-9am. 

4. Earn Points
Each week, you and your partner earn points by completing the OPEN workout with a judge (individually). Additional points will be awarded to the Top 5 Male RX, Female RX, Male Scaled and Female Scaled scores for that week. Each week will also have a theme that you and your partner can earn more points for participating in. 

Do I have to have a judge?
Yes, this is part of participating and upholding the standards of the OPEN workouts. 

Who is Judging?
Anyone can judge! If you are participating in the OPEN workout we ask that you also help judge your fellow CrossFitters. Each OPEN workout has very specific movement standards and a score card with the workout and standards listed. We will go over those standards before each heat on Friday evenings. Judging is so much fun! Most people come in early Friday to help judge or stay after their heat to help judge when they are done the workout. Either way, everyone pitches in to make it an awesome experience for all!

What if I am out of town for one of the workouts?
No worries! You don't have to do the workout at ODIN. You can do the workout at another CrossFit gym in the town you are visiting. CrossFit gyms all over the world are expecting drop-ins for people to complete the OPEN workouts. Be sure to email that gym to find out what times they are offering to complete the workout. 

Do my partner and I have to do the same division?
No, one of you can do it RX and the other Scaled. It comes down to participating the OPEN workout no matter the skill level. 

What if I can't make it Friday or Saturday?
Please email info@odincrossfit.com in advance and we will do our best to set up a time for you to do your OPEN workout with a judge. 


Grab your partner and sign up at the front desk today!