Working out while pregnant, coming back to the gym after giving birth, getting in shape postpartum...

There are so many stages to Motherhood and changes our bodies experience throughout the process. With this comes a million question.

Should I be working out while pregnant? If so, what should I be doing? How do I strengthen my core after having a baby? Why do I pee when I jump rope? HAHA! 

Join us for our BirthFit Workshop Saturday April 21st to answer all these questions. 

This workshop will be run by a certified BirthFit coach and will cover...

Best practice for working out during pregnancy
How to train coming back postpartum
Scaling & Modifying Workouts

This workshop is perfect for anyone!
If you have had kids, this will help you with ways to recover from pregnancy and child birth and strengthening your core and pelvic floor IE..Peeing during jump rope. HAHA!
If you are currently pregnant (which we have a lot at ODIN right now. Must be in the water.) this is perfect for you too! Scaling & modifying workouts to appropriate movements, things to watch for and learn how to recover and start working out again postpartum. 
And for anyone who wants to have kids in the future this is great prep for you. 

Boys, we aren't leaving you out. You are more than welcome to join! this is great information for you to have so you can support your partner. 

Register TODAY!!

ODIN Members- Sign up sheet for the workshop is on the front desk. Registration required. 

Non ODIN Members- Register Below.