ODIN Athlete

How did you get started at ODIN CrossFit?

Jessica Neumann told me I'd love it for about a year and I finally tried it out in Odin Unloaded. That was a gate way drug and within 2 months of doing that I signed a contract.

What was your first impression of ODIN CrossFit?

Very welcoming with friendly, like minded people. We're all goal orientated but like to have fun. Work hard, play hard!

 What changes have you seen in yourself since starting at ODIN?

I was a mess when I started Odin. I can run/bike/swim forever and I've got the mind of an "endurance" athlete but I neglected strength which was causing lots of recurring injuries. I have had 0 injuries in the last 2.5 years at Odin and I've gained so much strength. I don't even blink an eye if I have to lift or move anything anymore.

What keeps you committed and coming back to ODIN?

Odin constantly challenges me both physically and mentally. I don't think you can grow as a person if you don't challenge yourself with both CONSISTENTLY. There is no "I can't." at Odin. You just modify and keep moving and that's a good way to live your life.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to start CrossFit?

Leave your ego at the door and get ready to meet some incredible, like minded people. It's also important to be open and give yourself GRACE. The likelihood that you are going to join and be efficient in every movement is slim but that's why there's always room to have a new excited goal to work towards.

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