Why the #800gramchallenge ?

 I know that some people have asked why we choose to do the 800 Gram Challenge as opposed to something more strict and designed to focus on getting more immediate results in 30 days like a paleo, whole30 or similar restrictive challenge. Honestly, I would have been one of those people a couple of years ago.

 The reason we choose to participate in the 800 gram challenge is that it clearly aligns with what we believe and want to instill from a nutritional mindset. 

  • Eat Real Food - the nutrient dense produce that is part of the 800 gram challenge is a hugely important part of any diet and can easily be missed without intention. Eating real food as the majority of your diet starts with fruit and vegetables as the base.

  • Consistently good, not perfectly inconsistently - Elimination diets can make you feel guilty for indulging or feel you are missing out on something. With the 800g Challenge we are changing that mindset and shifting our focus to what we want you to be adding to your daily nutrition and not taking away. We want you to enjoy your life but do it in moderation. So have a beer and a couple of wings during the Super Bowl, enjoy Valentine’s day with your spouse, have a piece of cake at your child’s birthday - enjoy life’s special occasions. Don’t feel guilty. If you are eating real food, in moderation, most days of the week then enjoying life’s special moments here and there doesn’t have such a huge impact on your health.

  • Proper Nutrition is a lifestyle, not a temporary diet. Approaching a 30 day challenge that is restrictive and elimination based comes with the idea of ending it, normally with a glorious cheat meal or two or three. But no real long lasting healthy change is made. Lets change that mindset and spend our 30days learning some healthy small changes that will make a big impact on our healthy for the long term. Your future self will thank you.

  • We like to eat a lot of food - we work hard at the gym, we work hard at work, and Simon is not lacking energy, so we end up hungry. It is extremely satisfying to eat a large volume of food and fruits and vegetables provide a nutritious path to doing that while still hitting the calories macronutrient that are appropriate for us. At our house we call serving bowls just regular bowls. The cashiers at Wegmans think that Allison runs a meal prep service because of the amount of produce we eat each week. In short, we like to eat. HAHA!!

  • It’s not just about looking good naked. I mean it’s a lot about looking good naked, but also using food and fitness as the first line of defense against both disease and aging should be a nutritional focus. This comes from long term attention and nutrient dense foods. 

  • Gut Flora and Microbiome - Feeding the healthy bacteria in our gut has been shown to help positively regulate body weight, mood, and help ward off disease. A healthy gut comes from feeding it the proper foods, this includes a diversity of produce.

  • Better sex - I feel like this does not need an explanation BUT I will leave you with just a few citations. There is tons of research out there to support this but here is just a peak.




We are so excited for everyone to join us in the 800 gram Challenge! Let’s ban together and start making small managable changes that will make a large impact on our future healthy. Cheers to taking care of our bodies and kicking ass into our 90’s!

Jason Jachowski