Image Courtesy of Crossfit HQ (

Image Courtesy of Crossfit HQ (

“Hey, are you doing the OPEN?!?!” gushed one of your pals in class. 

“Oh, well... maybe... I’m not sure yet” you stammer in reply. 

Sound familiar?

Truth is, you may have not thought about the Open this year (or don’t even know what it is). Or maybe you have, but don’t like competition so you were planning on sitting it out. Hey, you could even be someone who has done it for many years but isn’t feeling it this year. Hopefully you can push past those apprehensions and come have a blast!

If you are a new Roots Grad, its super important for you to join in the fun. Who wouldn’t want to look back in a year and see all that progress you’ve made? If you think that you’re “too new”, try to think back on all the “new” things you’ve done in the past month or two and just add the Open to your list of accomplishments.

Crossfit HQ nailed it with the message that “the Open is for Everyone”. It’s for brand new roots grads, competitive athletes and everyone in between. It’s five weeks of workouts that will push you to your limits and with that, comes a sense of achievement. You may even nail a new skill or PR a lift. There is something about the Open that brings out an athletes first pullup, handstand, ring muscle up, etc. It is an amplified version of your everyday WOD because it’s done together with incredible energy and support (and sometimes a tutu or chicken costume). Sound awesome? It is! Look for another blog post in the coming week detailing what ODIN is doing to capture the energy of the Open! In the meantime, click the link below to head over to CrossFit HQ to learn more or even sign up for the official leaderboard.