No extremes. No fad diets.
Just focus on eating whole real foods that will fuel and nourish your body.

The 800g Challenge is a 30 day nutrition challenge that focuses on making sure that everyday you are taking in a least 800g worth of fruits & veggies. What you choose to eat alongside those is up to you. The idea is that we want to shift our mindset when it comes to our daily nutrition. Instead of obsessing on eliminating certain foods and vilifying food groups, let’s focus on adding nutrient dense whole, natural foods to our daily intake. The importance of including the recommended amount of fruits & veggies in our daily diet is way too often over looked. Fruits & vegetables are crucial for providing much needed micro nutrients, fiber and fuel to keep our bodies healthy for the long term.

Why 800g?
It’s simple….800g per day allows you to hit the recommended amount of fruit/veg each day.

Benifits of the 800g Challenge?
There are so many benefits to eating 800g of fruit/veg per day but here are just a few….

1. Flexibility
This challenge allows you to be flexible with the other foods you are taking in alongside your fruits & veggies. This way you don’t feel deprived and feel the panic of “dieting”. Just make sure you are eating your 800g of fruit and veg and you will feel great!

2. Pushes Out Poor Choices
Let’s be real…When you eat your 800g of fruit/veg each day this will take up a large portion of your intake for the day. This means that you will be more full and less likely to snack throughout the day and overeat at each meal. And if you have a belly full of fruits/veggies then you may still eat that pizza in front of you, but maybe you are eating one slice instead of 4. See where we are going with this? :)

3. It’s for EVERYONE!
Macro Counters, Paleo, High-Carb, Low-Carb, No Nutrition Plan….Doesn’t matter your nutrition preference we can all get on board with science proving that fruits & veggies are good for us. Yes, some have more calories than others. You want a lower carb content? Cool! Choose leafy greens, cucumbers, peppers…The list goes on? You don’t want to eat potatoes? No problem! Don’t then. Choose from hundreds of other fruits & veggies. Have a sensitive belly to brussel sprouts & cabbage? Ok! Choose fruits & veggies that are lighter on your gut :)

No excuses. Time to do what our mothers have been telling us to do all our lives….
Eat Yo Fruits & Veggies!

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