What inspires you? Who inspires you?


In CrossFit there is one athlete that has inspired me the most, Becky Conzelman. She is a five times CrossFit Games athlete who has competed as an individual, master and on a team. In 2011, her first year in the Games she had won the Mid-Atlantic Regionals. An amazing accomplishment for anyone! In 2012 she placed 14th at the Games at 40 years old. To me, Becky is a symbol of all that is possible. No limits to what one can do at any age!



As I was looking through photos for this post I came across one picture that I now remember very well. Reebok made individual t-shirts for their team of athletes. Becky’s t-shirt had her individual goal printed on the front.


“Goal 2015 – Redefine What It Means To Be An Athlete In Your 40s”


I was so inspired by that shirt and her. I still am! In 2015 I did the Open at 40 years old. I was able to place in the top 200 worldwide which moved me on to the Qualifier where I placed 116th! Her achievements helped me believe anything is possible and in myself.


This Saturday at ODIN we will be doing a workout in her honor named “Champion”. Sadly, Becky passed away on April 6th 2019 at 47 years old due to complications of a brain aneurysm she suffered on March 26th. CrossFit athletes and gyms around the world have been doing “Champion” at first to show support and solidarity for her and now in her honor.

“Champion” – 30Min Cap

2 rounds:

25 Handstand Push-Ups

20 Deadlifts

15 OHS 135/95


800m Run


Becky was a professional cyclist before she started CrossFit in 2009. She also co-founded Faith RXD with her husband Jim. Faith RXD is a non-profit organization that connects faith and fitness. If you are interested more in Faith RXD I encourage you to find them on Facebook or Instagram and find a chapter near you. Becky is survived by her husband Jim and their two kids Kylie and Tyler.


Join us this Saturday, April 20th as we honor her legacy and help to redefine what it means to be an athlete at any age.


-Coach Kristen Vance