Battle of the Vikings!

Come throw down at @ The Battle of the Vikings CrossFit partner competition at ODIN CrossFit- Frederick, MD on Saturday October 14th, 2017.

Battle of the Vikings is a same sex partner CrossFit competition with the following divisions.

M/M- RX          M/M- Scaled        M/M- Masters 40+
F/F- RX         F/F- Scaled          F/F- Masters 40+


There will be 3 wods for each division and a final for the RX divisions. 

Be prepared to set up for the day outside and enjoy our many vendors who will be attending the event!

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RX- Be able to complete most "Girl" WOD with RX weight. Be able to do HSPU, C2B Pull Ups, Ring Dips, Pistols, DU, T2B

Scaled- Clean & Jerk  95/65, Snatch  75/55, WB, Single Unders

Masters- Clean & Jerk  115/85, Snatch  95/65, Chin over the bar pull ups, box jumps, WB
               Skill level and weights, the Masters division will be slightly higher than scaled but just below RX. For example- If the weight in the RX division is 135/95 then for Masters you might see 115/85 and for Scaled 95/65.

Once you register your team you will receive an email for your partner to enter their information as well as T-Shirt/Tank size. 

Shirts- All Men's team registrations will receive a T-Shirt for each team member. Women's team registrations will receive tank tops.

Register before Sept. 10 to be sure you receive the shirts size you would like. Registration after Sept. 10th, we can not guarantee the shirt size you request. 


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Be sure to "Like" our Odin CrossFit FB page AND our Odin Competitions FB Page. We will be sending out reminders via FB pages as we get closer.